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Embed from Venyou

Embed articles with programs, speakers or exhibitors are built

  • as a post template
  • the post template is triggered by category
  • a post categorized as embed

The embed template relies on 2 extraordinary inputs. The two inputs handles the script and the div-html found in Venyou

  • the script from Venyou added to Elementors Custom Code panel.
  • 3 extra Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) that is reachable for the Elementor template through Dynamic tags – handles the div-html, the button text and the button URL-

Setting up ACF:

  • Activate Advanced Custom Fields/Egendefinerte felt if it’s not already active on site.
  • Import this JSON through the Import function in the Tools tab.
  • Open the field group. Change text and Event-ID so it makes sense for your project. Remember to press update to activate changes.
  • Set the correct conditions for when fields are to be shown (when category is embed)